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Hello to my friends at The Roxy

by Courtney Coocheesy

This is a ticket of mine from 2008. As stated, The Almost was thethealmos_ticket_stub headlining band, however I did not go to see them, in fact I didn’t even stay to watch them. The opening band that night was Envy on the Coast.

At the time, I didn’t really know much about them, but my friend was a fan so I told her I’d tag along. After that night, I instantly became interested in learning more about them and listening to them more. I listened to songs here and there, but never really fully got into them until a year later. I have to say, without that show at the Roxy, I would never have ventured into that uncharted territory, and I would not have one of my favorite bands today, Envy on the Coast. Better yet, EOTC are no longer together. And although I didn’t listen to them much when I saw them, I am grateful beyond words to have gotten to see them while they were still making music together.


Since that fateful night at the Roxy, EOTC has helped me through dark times with their great lyrics and beautiful melodies. I credit one of my favorite local venues, the Roxy for introducing me to a great band that broke apart way too early.

Although my story did not involve crazy antics happening at the show, I believe that what I got out of the band and their music was, in the end, incredibly more important and I have the Roxy to thank for that.

Keep the music alive.

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