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Guitar God Heaven – a month to remember

November 2010 has proved to be a very adventurous and memorable month for this rock-n-roll girl. It was Guitar God Heaven.

On Tuesday, November 9, with my “Team Hendrix” friends in tow, I sat in the beautiful Hershey Theatre to witness an amazing line up of talented musicians. Ernie Isley, Steve Vai, Living Colour, Jonny Lang (who did a fantastic version of All Along the Watchtower on acoustic guitar), Mato Nanji of Indigenous, Billy Cox, Eric Johnson and my personal favorite – Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Kenny and his band’s infamous version of Voodoo Child alone was well worth my ticket. I Thought I’d died and gone to guitar heaven!

Two nights later I found myself in an SUV with my Dad and 2 of his buddies heading toward Upper Darby, PA to see The Allman Brothers Band at the Tower Theatre. Long time fans of the Allmans, this was an extremely anticipated show for both my Dad and me. As many already know, The Allman Brothers put out some of the best live music you’re going to find. Period.

As it just so happened, one of my fellow concert companions knew a guy on sound that night. Score!! A backstage pass for the after show was slapped on to my jacket (along with a HUGE smile on my face!).

The show was, as always, phenomenal. I scurried backstage after the crowds worked their way out of the theatre. I’m sure I had a “Look at me!! I’m going backstage” smirk on my face. Minutes after I entered the downstairs catering/lounge area, in walked Derek Trucks. WOW! I shook his hand and said hello. After he finished a brief conversation with a rather funky and important looking individual I asked him for a picture. He seemed happy to oblige. I thought, “cool, if this is as good as it gets, I’m thrilled!”  No sooner did I think that, several guys walked into the room announcing that “Mr. Allman will soon be boarding the bus”. That’s it, I thought. The night is over. Little did I know they were advising us to follow them to Gregg’s dressing room for a last minute meet and greet. As I walked up the stairs and passed the piece of paper taped to the wall reading “G.A. Dressing Room >” my heart started to race. “This is it. I’m going to Gregg Allman’s dressing room to meet him!”.  And meet him I did. He was incredibly kind and soft spoken. What an unbelievable thrill for me.

My SUV ride back home was waiting for me, and I knew by this time I needed to get moving. I proceeded to the stairwell, just missing the doorway by a few feet. After realizing this, I turned around and there stood Warren Haynes inches away. I was speechless. I shook his hand, thanked him for the memorable show, and asked him if I could get a picture. He smiled and said “of course!”. Needless to say, I was in awe the entire two hour ride home.

My last leg of this adventure took place in Wilkes-Barre, PA at the F.M. Kirby Center. Once again, another fantastic place to see a show. This night, in particular, I was there to see none other than blues rock guitarist extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa. As luck would have it, I had a connection with someone who worked for Joe’s production company. At 4:55pm on a chilly Autumn evening in a small coal mining city in Northeastern PA, I met Joe Bonamassa. He was very gracious and even chatty. How awesome that Joe took the time and was actually pleasant about meeting a few devoted fans. The show that followed later that evening was incredible. Joe puts on an unforgettable live performance. Simply stupendous.

And now back to reality. I’m still soaking in my amazing moments that have taken place. Fanatical?? Out of control?? No. I’m just a girl with a rock-n-roll heart who’s had an amazing and fortunate couple of weeks in guitar god heaven that she’ll never forget. Rock on…..

by Christine V

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