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Grateful Dead in Las Vegas

Seeing the Dead in Vegas was really quite a trip. From the ticket dates it seems that I went after finishing my coursework for a BA in English from Reed College, defending my thesis and that this was right before graduation.

I went with the guy I had dated my senior year in college and we flew inexpensively from Portland and stayed in a cheap hotel, marveling at how cheap Vegas was if you didn’t gamble.

Later in the day, picture dreadlocks, baggy pants, Birkenstocks, crystals, snakes, Guatemalan shirts, dogs, Indian print dresses and all nature of tripped out hipsters ducking in and out of casinos and boogying on down the strip.

The sight made such an impression on me that when at my graduation ceremony we had each decided to hand the new Reed College president a small gift as we walked across the stage to help him deal with his new job.

I gave him a copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson.

Title: Grateful Dead in Las Vegas

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