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European Travel Memories

My wife I would try to take a trip to Europe every other year, but until the economy gets JKF-to-Paris-2007better, we have our memories…

On this trip we when from Paris, as we both have been to Paris a few times, we moved on to the Loire Valley to visit the Chateaus, which are amazing. We rented a car in Paris and

Chateau de Chambord
Chateau de Chambord

drove around the Loire having a great time.


It easy to get around and most people are very helpful. Then off to the Gastronomy Center of France city of Lyon where we found the citizens were sociable and we eat in an incredible family style restaurant, a meal we both will never forget.

Then we moved on to Geneva, Switzerland and to stay with my wife’s cousin. We toured the lake and towns around it. One day we took a tour of the Alps, had breakfast in France, lunch in Italy and dinner back in Switzerland. After spending a few days we were off to London for a family View_of_Genevawedding. It was a wonderful vacation and we will be back again. There is so much more I could tell but not the time to write it. So go if you every get a chance and take a break, we can strongly suggest this journey.

Title: European Travel Memories

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