Eric Clapton – “he Tears into…..”

by Joseph Terrazas

Clapton saved the best for last in this 2 Hour Show. The 1st part Focused on his new material from Eric-Clapton-Tickethis Pilgrim Album. It was pretty boring. He expressing some of his emotional turmoil. “River of tears- ‘My Fathers Eye’s “-and “Broken Hearted “-

The second part…. an acoustic format that worked good for him on MTV’s unplugged (it was O.K.).

The last part was rocking. He had a 20 piece string section with him, 2 other guitar players, 2 keyboardist, bass drums and 3 female Backup singers. When he did attempt to let it rip he was just smothered by the orchestra, there was just too much going on. But just when you thought he’d changed for the worse, all the musicians left the stage and left him with a trio of rhythm players and he TEARS into “Have you ever loved a Woman”, J.J. Cale’s Cocaine, the mortar Eric-Clapton-Pilgrim-Progwas turning to dust between the stone work!!! The ladies came back on stage to accompany him on “I shot the Sheriff” – and “You look wonderful Tonight”. The encore was Cream’s “Sunshine of your love”.

Catching him again was fun as always you get the real deal. In Clapton’s work as with all Bluesmen, to sing the blues is to lift a cloud, to fight back.  Darkness and light go hand in hand.

Thank you, Joseph Terrazas.


  1. Deare friends, i get my information from The Concert program and had found recently that every concert i had gone to, I had cutout the newspaper review the next day and saved them in the programs. they are very, very old. thank you. J.T Joseph Terrazas

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