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Emerson Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery

Welcome back, my friends to the show that never ends.

We’re so glad you could attend! EmersonLakePalmer-stub

This was the 1st big time concert I attended, after graduating from High School. Spending the summer working for some cash before starting college, so with some friends we when to see Emerson Lake and Palmer at the old Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ, which was finally demolished in 1985.

The concert was rained out for August 17, 1974 and rescheduled for August 20, 1974. Their song list included Hoedown, Jerusalem, Toccata, Tarkus, Take a Pebble, Still, Lucky Man, Piano improv., Karn Evil 9, Pictures. This was the tour for Brain Salad Surgery album. Back in 1974 concerts still have general seating and the legal atmosphere was very relaxed. It was a classic ELP concert with Keith Emerson synthesizer exploding at the end of the show. Too bad they are not more groups that can give us a great Rock and Roll show today.

emerson lake and palmer photo

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery


  1. I was there and got very wet at the rain out date but I didn’t recall the actual show being only a few days later. One of the top five concerts in my life.

    1. Rain isn’t the word! It was more like a hurricane in there. As has been told elsewhere, Emerson’s equipment blew off the stage into the mud. Thankfully the make-up show was a beautiful night.

  2. It was an electrical storm ! We drove down from Bergen county and got stuck on the highway by the Pulaski Skyway with a stalled car… The make up show a few days later was perfect ….I can’t believe I was only 14 years old !!! What a blast..

  3. I never left the first show as a drenched rat, waiting for the 20th. Have no clue where but hey, that’s R&R! Remember everything about the show! Magical!

  4. Definitely a show to remember, besides the crazy storm and driving through water up to the doors, did anybody see Keith Emerson’s limo stopped in bumper to bumper traffic afterwards? He was cool enough to talk to fans, etc. Also I just remembered the opener band, Snafu, (which nobody was expecting or had the patience to want to see). They got boo’ed off the stage and the one musician pulled his pants down and moon’ed us. Great show and great job recovering in just a couple of days.

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