ELP – Brain Salad Surgery ’73

by slime.o

we showed up to a 30 foot tall stack of speakers sitting in our seats for the 1973-74 brain salad surgery tour, the only emerson-lake-palmer-ticketever real four-way mix quadrophonic road show [not the  front/rear double stereo sears version pink floyd used] … they had extra floor seats for us dead center, perfect spot for a crystal clear quad effect; it was mind-blowing how they shuffled the sound around maple leaf gardens

• 40 tons gear, +28,000 Watts
• two 60 foot proscenium arches with +100 spotlights
• +150 foot dia. projection disc above the stage




  1. I can say that it is more like 100 Pars, Frenels and Lekos across the two trusses and the vertical ladder trusses on each SR and SL side. Plus 2-3 house spotlights. The projection screen is only about 40-50 ft diameter The whole of the back drop including the curtain legs etc nearly 100 ft across tops. For its time this production was quite unique since not many were suspending lighting rigs yet.

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