Drinking Legal at Wrigley – Happy Birthday

by Jared Aupperle

Went to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding and to visit my brother. It also happenedChicago-Cubs-Ticket to be my birthday, so what better way to celebrate my 21st then a game at Wrigley. The whole family came and of course we sat in the bleachers.

An hour before the game the bleachers were packed and the rest of the stadium was empty. The game itself was great, the Cubs won and there was even a Delaware connection. The Pirates pitcher Ian Snell was born and raised in Delaware.

Since the Cubs won we got to hear the famous “Go Cubs Go” song. I also got a t-shirt which on the back says “The bleachers at Wrigley Field. Shut up and drink your beer!” Fantastic!


If you go, eat a Chicago dog with all the fixings, have the soft pretzel that comes in a pizza box (no joke its huge and awesome), drink and soak in the experience because its one of the old time ball parks that are slowly going away.



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