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Don’t Pay Jeter!

I am not a Yankee Fan. I am not of fan of $12 beer or $10 hot dogs. Don’t like A-Rod and I don’t much much care for the Bronx either to tell you the truth. In the interest of full disclosure I am a Met fan. I’d say it loud, except there aren’t any other Met fans around to rally me. But I will say this .. Don’t Pay Jeter!

As my team makes headline news this off season with such earth-shaking news as the hiring of baseball men who haven’t worn a uniform for 10 years, men who will general manage from 3,000 miles away and by letting their fanbase know IN ADVANCE that they won’t spend a dime to upgrade our team – it’s quite a relief to see that the boys in the Bronx have stolen the backstage by doing the only stupid thing they could think of to make a Met fan smile this time of year.

They are nickel-and-diming the best ballplayer to wear their uniform – or maybe any uniform for the last 50 years. A 36 year old legend getting jerked around for a couple of million by the uber-richest team in the history of humanity. I pulled this stub out of a pile in a random act – turns out Jeter went 2 for 4 that night with a double – just another day at the office. And by the way – Mets lose.

Great idea slapping your next candidate for Monument Park around – how much are ticket prices going up this year!

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