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Discovering Columbus at Columbus Circle

You may agree on how Mayor Bloomberg got to be mayor of NYC for a third term or not, but he has Discovering-Columbus-Ticketmade the City more interesting each year with the installation of Public Art Exhibits. From the Gates in 2005 in Central Park to this year’s Discovering Columbus at Columbus Circle.

The Artist Tatzu Nishi has enclosed the Christopher Columbus statue, that sits on top of the column at Columbus Circle, in an apartment above the street. You walk up 60 feet in an exterior staircase to the room above the street. The 13 foot high Statue sits in the middle of this room on a coffee table with windows that have views of Central Park and streets coming and going to the circle below.

Discovering-Columbus-InteriorFrom the images on wall paper to the books on the shelves it is an apartment of Americana with Chris in the middle. The only book I would like to know why it on the shelve is Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift, it’s not a book about America and the author is from Ireland. It was nice day and very interesting to see the top of the column up close. What I’m waiting for now is how I will view Chris from the street when the scaffolding is removed.

by: Gary S.

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