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Dayton Dragons – No really – we’re SUPPOSED to be on the list

We booked our tickets through Dayton Dragons at Fifth Third Field. Over the phone we bought 3 tickets and three bus passes (we got to take a bus from Fifth Third Field to the game instead of having to drive). They told us to pick up the tickets when we arrived.

Well, we got there and as we began walking on the bus they stopped us and asked our name. We told them, and they said it wasn’t on “the list”. Sigh. It was about 10:45. The bus was scheduled to leave at 11:15 and kickoff was at 1pm. So we go into the office and wait while “the list” guy calls the Bengals ticket office. I tell him I have the credit card statement showing we were billed. 15 minutes go by, and all we get are head nods and a straight face.

11:13 rolls around and the guy finally stand up and says, “screw it, I’ll call them on the bus”. Yes! So we are allowed to go, but there is nothing official yet saying we are allowed to enter the game. So for the 45 minute bus ride it was akward and silent while he discussed something on the phone. As the bus parks, he turns around and gives up the “thumbs up” and a smile.

We get off the bus and follow him to a special box office window away from the others labeled “Duplicate Tickets”. We tell the guy our story, and he hands us a yellow piece of paper that says it must be presented with the original tickets, which we didn’t have. He assures us that this will get us in. So we walk through the gate, hand the gentleman the yellow ticket-like item, he smiles, tears off the bottom, and tells us to “enjoy the game”. Sweet.

Now we are all by ourselves inside a stadium we have never been to. We walk to the left trying to find our row. I stop and ask a gentlemen in front of a glass door where I should be heading. He smiles and tells us that we have to walk to the other side of the stadium. I smile, say thanks, and ask if there is a warmer way to do that. He smiled and told us we could take the executive elevator and walk through. Wow! So we walk in, press the button, and are incredible impressed. It stops at a couple different floors while we are inside, with important looking people (suits and briefcases and such) getting in and out. Very cool. We get off at our floor and walk back into the cold towards our row. We find our seats, sit down, and less than a minute later, the game starts. It was awesome.

And to top it off, we had a hilarious older man two rows up from us shouting “Run the ball” over and over again. It was so loud and repetitive people around us would look back and ask, “what should we do next? Throw it maybe?” and everyone would break out laughing. Except the older man, he would start shouting again, completely serious. It was too funny to be annoying even. It made for a great night, and a great game. Oh yeah, and the Bengals won over the Browns. Go Bengals!

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