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Day / Night DoubleHeader – the HARD way!

(In the town the brought you DoubleMint gum – here’s a “Two-Two-Two Games in One Day” story for you!)

I went to Chicago to visit my Brother and his 1st wife,  he planned a day of baseball few I would assume have had….

1st we saw the Cubbies in old Wrigley Field in afternoon game which they won 3-2 and then it was off to the old Comiskey Park for a night game. We took the subway between the ball parks and to see the White Sox’s lose 3-0 that night. My Brother and I are Baseball and Yankees fans for life. It was a great vacation with my him and a day we both remember fondly. For one of my Birthdays he framed photos of us at a Yankee game at old stadium before any renovations and at Cooperstown, NY. It hangs on wall behind my desk at my office where I can turn around, gaze and remember.

By GaryS

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