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Cousin Michael as Leaf Cooneybear

by Danielle Z.

Our minivan headed an hour and a half north to the Bushnell Theater in Hartford, Connecticut. It was Sunday, October 8, spelling-bee-ticket2006 and I was nine years old. With me were my five year old sister, ten year old brother, parents, and grandparents and we were headed to the show The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, starring my cousin Michael Zahler. We were all singing one hundred bottles of pop on the wall and were extremely excited because this was the first time that we ever got to see our cousin perform. The velvet seats, crystal chandeliers, and gold trim confirmed that cousin Michael was a real star and had made it to the big time theater.

He was spectacular as Leaf Cooneybear, and I clapped my hands off while giving him a standing ovation. After the show, Michael took us backstage and introduced us to the entire cast. Each character autographed both my ticket and my playbill. It was a special treat to be able to meet all the performers. We walked through Hartford with Michael to a restaurant where we ate dinner and had a chance to hear about his travels across the country with his theater group. I admire my cousin Michael because he dreamed of being an actor and he turned his dream into reality.


Title: Cousin Michael as Leaf Cooneybear

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