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Could Georgetown lose to the American University Eagles?

Could Georgetown lose to the American University Eagles?

We’re #5 – no WAY

Coming off the loss in the biggest game of the year – “Ewing vs Sampson” (a ticket  they must have sold separately cause I can’t find it and know I was there), we were ranked 5th – and they were American. So this was gonna be a walk in the park. Bang down a bunch of beers, be up by 30 at the half and catch a ride home – no problem.

It was exam week and these games could always be tricky, take a Thompson coached team out of their routine and you just never knew.  Nobody told our neighbors in Northwest DC they were overmatched. Cause those  AU  Eagles showed up to play, and not for the last time this season- the Hoyas didn’t.  The result was an embarrassing 62 – 61 loss to a team I think was being coached by Gary Williams.

We were down by 15 at the half – a full 45 points off what I’d hoped and despite a late run – the Hoyas came up losers. I think me and a couple of buddies closed the Tombs that night.

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