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Georgia Bulldogs vs Texas Longhorns – Cotton Bowl 1984

Cotton Bowl – January. 1984

2 guys drive from Orlando, Florida to the airport in Pensacola and pick up 2 more buddies – and all 4 drive to New Orleans and party in New Orleans for a couple days including New Years Eve and THEN drive to Dallas from New Orleans for the Cotton Bowl.

When we crossed the border from Louisiana into Texas the first mile marker I saw said 805 – 805 miles of road from one end to the other – that’s how you know a State is Big.

Any way – we get to Dallas and they are having one of the worst winters in their history we get there just after an ice storm and the day of the game – Georgia Bulldogs vs. Texas Longhorns, it is maybe 40-45 degrees at best and Hershel Walker cant do anything and neither can the Longhorns who actually  lose to the Dawgs 10 -9 when John Lastinger the Georgia QB runs 17 yards for a TD with 3:22 left to play for the win.   

Georgia Bulldogs vs Texas Longhorns – Cotton Bowl 1984

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