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Coaches vs Cancer 2008

by Tony M

How do deal with Unruly Fans

These are always good games- the beginning of the college season – a tribute to Jimmy V.Coaches-v-Cancer-Ticket

A friend of mine was a big college basketball fan – so we decided to go to the game (Michigan 55,  UCLA 52) and ended up in the last row of the level below the nosebleeds. If was a fun enough time, until some drunk kids started shooting spit balls and hit the kids in front of us a couple of times, then they hit me. I could tell the guys in from of me were getting ready to try to handle things themselves, but I’m way too old for this stuff so I just stand up and yell for  SECURITY.

Really – I’m no fighter – it’s as stupid as spitballs. Over comes one Madison Square Garden guy, he talks into his walkie-talkie and in no time here comes the cavalry. 5 big bouncers who take the offending kids and throw them out. The guys in front of me get to sit back down and watch the trouble-makers get escorted out.

As they leave, they kick over this big bottle of booze they must have snuck in, it clanked it’s way down the stairs – we all got a good laugh and watched the rest of the game.

My only regret was that we could have scalped tickets for 1/2 the price – if we’d known maybe we could have brought a bottle in as well!

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