Clapton & Winwood – Play and Duel

by Joseph Terrazas

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood have maintained a special friendship that has Clapton-Winwood-Ticketspanned four decades. The Sole Album (Blind Faith) from 1969 remains a landmark work.

This concert at the Toyota Center was great. They played some Blind Faith songs, “Can’t find my way home” was an instant hit with the crowd. They mixed in some Traffic songs. Low Spark of high Heeled boys, with psychedelic lights accompanying the song quickly took you back to the early 70’s, was another favorite with the crowd. During Layla, Winwood just used his one Turqouise guitar the whole show but they were battling to win the crowd with their guitar prowess but after so long Clapton just threw up his hands and went to sit down and Winwood finished Layla.


As he is master of many instruments also, Winwood played keyboards on Jimi Hendrix’s Vodoo Child when he was just 17. These two have been a great influence in the music world with their solo careers and together are alot of fun to see.

Thank You. Joseph Terrazas.

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