Clapton (Slowhand Gives another lesson in perfection)

by Joseph Terrazas

Ferroe and percussionist Ray Cooper, tossed Rythems around with consummate ease. TheyClapton-Summit-Ticket traded licks during “Sunshine of your love”.

This Concert was to good for some of us to possibly enjoy them at home off our Albums or Cd’s. It was Dreamy Perfection.There were so may examples of Clapton’s genius it was hard to single out his influences, Jimmy Page Or Jeff Beck. He started out the show with all lights on the piano coming in the drums kicking in and his powerful echoing, reverbing, on his guitar on Pretending.

clapton-show-photoHis Entourage were a powerful element, the two girlsin background vocals surely exude a certain sexuality to his show. SlowHand (he got the name when his guitar string would break and the roadie was up there trying to replace it, the crowd would chant for him to slow his hand so it could be fixed). He has been through Delany Bonnie And Friends who shoved him out on stage and told him he could sing, then going through John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers. And then Cream of The British Blues Crop.

He is a class act always wears a nice tuxedo, doesn’t need fancy lights. You just get him. and I believe all 10,000 people at the Summit wouldn’t have had it ay other Way.

Thank You. Joseph Terrazas


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