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City of Palladio – Venezia

If you’re on vacation and staying in Venezia (Venice), Italy, take a day trip to Vicenza, the “City of Palladio”.  Andrea Palladio a 16th century Italian Renaissance architect is considered the most influential individual in the history of Western architecture.

Vicenza became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Look for a day tour so you may visit his building inside and outside of the city. Check his work on the web and plan your trip well and you will not waste your time.

Palladio published “The Four Books of Architecture” in 1570 and it’s still considered a book to be read by all Architect students today.
Teatro Olimpico was the last building designed by Andrea Palladio in 1580 and was the first indoor theater. The back drop of stage he uses optical illusion to make the streets to appear to go off in the distance. You most likely have seen this stage in movies. Don’t miss the opportune to enjoy his work if your vacationing Italy.

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