Chuck E. Cheese’s – There goes the Wallet!

by Karl Rogers

I’m a 3rd grade teacher and father of three and was inspired to write this Stubstory after readingchuck-e-cheese Charly P’s story about her fun time at Chuck E. Chesse’s. I have to hand it to her – as an educator I would need to know her age, and to what extent her father helped write the story, but I give it high grades for expressiveness.

The place is fun.

We’re there often, and I took the picture of my “Stub” atop my wallet, because a strong Chuck E. Cheese addiction for a family (and we are blessed with cousins, and friends, and friends of friends) has rendered my wallet good for little else.

startacBereft of the bills it was meant to securely carry from location to location, it’s now about as much good as the old Startac cell phone in the back pocket. Familiar and comforting but that’s about it.

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