Got my Chuck E. Cheese on!

by Charly P.

Chuck E.chuckecheese_ticket Cheese was fun. I played a lot of games, I got a lot of prizes. One of them was edible. It was a lolipop – a big long swirly – I call it “The Swirl”.

I went with my 3 cousins, one of them is annoying but I can’t say which cause his parents read this Stubstory page and I don’t want to get in trouble. If you guys do, blame my dad, cause he is writing it.

I went on a roller coaster rider – it wasn’t a real roller coaster it was fake. It was inside a big bubble and it was FUN!!!! And I played Skee Ball and got lots of and lots of tickets.

chuckecheeseI can’t go to Chuck E. Cheese a lot, cause they don’t have them near our house, so I went to my cousins. We couldn’t go to fireworks cause it was a rainy day, I had my party boots on already. Then we went to dinner – the dinner was great.

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