Chivas USA – I regret nothing…..

by John Santos

No.  I would not be partying with the Galaxy fans nor their new signing.  As much as I was displeased with the atmosphere at the Chivas USA home match with no bonus exhibition, I stayed the course.

The team was pretty good too.  Call me a glutton for punishment, a supporter of lost causes, an admirer of underdogs,  but what’s the point of complaining about the team and their atmosphere if I’m not there to try and help fix it.  Yes, I did peek at the other guys matches, but I never truly felt a connection, nor motivation to be a part of their atmosphere.

With that said, I ventured with Chivas USA into the playoffs.  Little did I know it then, but that would be the first of 4 straight 1st Round playoff exits.

I regret nothing.


Still to come from John Santos:
First Chivas USA vs Galaxy match
First time Chivas USA beat Galaxy in my presence
Worst feeling ever coming out of a Chivas USA match
Best Chivas USA match I’ve ever seen live
Second worst feeling ever coming out of a Chivas USA match
First Road trip
Second Road trip
Third Road trip
The day I won a players actual match worn jersey
And hopefully a ticket for a Chivas USA MLS Cup victory one day.

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