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Chili Peppers – 1984

I got to see the Original RHCP’s before the OD happened… I didn’t even want to go to the show… my Fraternity brothers coaxed me into attending and said it will be great..

I can still remember Flea Slamming the bass to come on baby.. Light my fire by Jimmy Hendrixx.. Since they were playing at the local pub.. after the show. they hung out with us and tossed back a few beers.. pretty cool.. I have their autographs somewhere at my parents house in the attic…& now look – 22 years later I’m living in California & they’re singing about Cali still!! & I actually saw them a couple years ago with System of a Down and they still were great.. but System of a down put on a much better show I thought..

This was my first taste of California & now i’ve lived here for 21 years.. Thanks Flea

Paul’s Stubstory comes from his collection of ticket stubs which can be seen at:


  1. Rat, let me fill in a few blanks. I called over to U92 after I read a rather short review in Spin magazine callin the RHC the “wildest band in the world.” As it turned out, they were scheduled to play at the Graffiti in Pittsburgh and subsequently added The Underground Railroad in Morgantown as a stop. The Underground Railroad was a perfect spot to play for 200 or so punk rockers and the alternative college crowd hosting bands like Black Flag. Any way, Faith No More opened for the Chili Peppers that night and tore the roof sown with their original front man. It laid the ground for arguably one of the beat bar shows of all time in Morgantown. I remember locking arms at the front of the stage with you and the guys trying to stave off the slam dancers trying to catapult over our shoulders. My claim to fame that night was being picked up and thrown on the stage during their encore tribute to Karen Carpenter. Unfortunately, I landed on Hilel’s distortion peddles ending the show.

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