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Buffalo Bills Vs Pittsburgh Steelers. 11/28/2010

by Christal S.

At first glance it was hard to tell you were actually sitting in a suite at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Everywhere you looked were gold and black donned Steelers fans.

Yellow towels filled the air as the Steelers took the field. Yellow towels that would soon be used to wipe the sweat from the brows of every Steeler fan present as the Bills held on through 4 quarters to go into OT.

I expected we would be slaughtered, but the Bills put on a good show. They tell us Buffalo fans that we can buy a ticket for the whole seat, but we will only need the edge. This day was no exception.

Thanks in part to our receiver, Steve Johnson, who missed a game winning catch in the end zone during OT that would have given us our 3rd straight “W”. It was not to be…his now news making twitter sums up the life of a Bills fan. “Flare prayer” thrown up in moments of despair. WE BELIEVE, even though our hopes are dashed…we remain BILLS FANS.

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