Anyone seen my wedding ring? My wife’s gonna kill me!

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A typical game got the train from Ronkonkoma 3:11 Penn @ 4:20 just enough time to go to a pub and drink like i’m I just turned 21. Sat in the 400’s you know where you can be killed for going to your seat before a whistle.

Late in the 3rd and f&%$ing frustated and I was twisting my wedding ring when I usually do when the Rangers are about to lose…. and the freaking ring popped off of my finger!

I stumbled up and yelled “Nobody f$%#ing move, I just dropped my wedding ring, my wife is going to KILL me”! and just then everyone within earshot was looking under their seat. A guy 2 rows down found it, I bought him a beer and gave him a hug…The Rangers lost but I am not on my wife’s shit list!


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