An Orioles Game with my Daughter

by Jon Judy

With the Orioles fighting for a .500 record facing the play off bound New York Yankees in the last game of the regular season and the last game of a three game series where the Orioles led the series 2-0 there was nothing significant at stake for the IMG_0865 except to entertain their few faithful fans one last time this year and the satisfaction of possibly sweeping the Yankees.

For me this game was special. It was my first visit to the yard this season and more importantly in seat 15 sat my daughter.  This was her first Orioles game and major league baseball game.  Her ninth birthday was October 5, and I could think of no better present than to take her to her first baseball game.  It was chilly and we sat in a shaded section of the stadium but she lasted all 9 innings and enjoyed all the fan fare and excitement.

The cheers, the booing of Alex Rodriguez, take me out to the ball game, hot dogs and cotton candy.  She loved it all and even watched the early innings of the Yankees and Astros the following Tuesday on television in a one game playoff.  A few colorful moments delivered by several faithful drunken fans added to the authentic experience.  I can’t wait for next season, maybe even opening day.  By the way, Orioles won 9-4 sweeping the Yankees.

An Orioles Game with my Daughter

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