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Thanksgiving in New York

By Matt Peter

If Ranger tickets weren’t $200, you heard me, $200 a pop for pedestrian seats, this day central park zoowould have never happened. But when you are trying to get 5 tickets for a Ranger-Flyer game at the Garden the day after Thanksgiving in New York, you better have an extra arm to sell or you can pretty much forget it.

So, instead we got lucky in reverse. The weather was the 1st thing – Sunny and 60 degrees in NYC is a miracle for that time of year and we took advantage of it. Starting in the theater district at a diner called Ellen’s Stardust Diner (where the waiters and waitresses stop and grab a microphone to ellen stardust dinersing songs – Broadway and other) was a treat for the kids. Expect a line at lunchtime but you’ll have a good time once you get inside.

From there it was a walk up to Central Park. 30+ years ago my buddy and I used to take these walks thru NYC and now we were doing the same thing with our kids – so after boring our children with the odd story or two, we shut up and enjoyed the experience with mouths shut and smiles on our faces. After about 1,000 no’s to the hansom carriage rides offered on Central Park South – we dove into the park and hit the zoo. Yes there was a line and yes there was a crowd – but whaddya  gonna do?

Was it more fun to watch the animals or to watch 2 kids get to know each other? Easy dylans candy barquestion. From the park it was another stroll for a snack and guess what’s across the street? Only NY’s most decadent, over the top candy store you can find – Dylan’s Candy Bar! So, with one eye on the clock, one on the kids and one on the waistline (I know it adds up to 3!) we hit Dylans, loaded up and hopped a cab back to Grand Central.

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