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Alabama vs. Mississipi State (Yes More Ticket Typos!)

Alabama – Dedicated to Excellence… except occasional misspelling.

They tell everyone, “The University of Alabama is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service”. Heck, even in football Alabama dominates about every year and even won the National Championship 2009-2010.

This year in 2010, they showed we all can make mistakes, even those dedicated to excellence. They must not teach the, M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter…you know the rest. Any season ticket holder this year had to present their Mississippi State ticket to the ticket taker with MississipPi misspelled! Too funny!

Lack of respect some said. Although, November 13, 2010, (bad luck 13th perhaps?) Alabama went ahead and knocked the “P” out of State for a score of 30 to 10.



Alabama vs. Mississipi State

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