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A Trip to the Empire State Building

by Joseph Terrazas

Visiting My little Sister In N.Y.C. She took us to see all the great sights. I always wanted to see The Empire-State-Building-TickeEmpire State Building since I was a little kid and and cried as My King Kong was shot down from there. (Oddly – King Kong and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves were Hilter’s favorite movies).

On our 5th different elevator to the 102nd floor observatory I asked the elevator operator, why the building was named Empire State, he told me cause New York was once part of The British Empire (for $1.50 I’m going to get the whole scoop!). The skyline was clear and incredible, overlooking “The City That Never Sleeps” was another of my life’s goals.

King-KongI have a few pictures of the view on my gallery username JosephT007.  And no, pennies do not go through cement, they just float and twirl to the top of other buildings.

Thank You and my little sister Becky.

Joseph Terrazas.


  • New York has long been known as The Empire State. There’s even a famous building in New York City that carries the name. The precise origin of the name probably cannot be determined with certainty. Some sources place the origin with George Washington, who referred to the state in December 1784 as “at present the seat of the Empire
  • *** Highest building in the world 1931-1972.
Total height 449 m since 1951 after the addition of the TV mast.
Total height 443.5 since early 1990s after antenna modifications.
Construction time was only 1 year and 45 days.
73 elevators, 1860 steps using staircase.
  • The name ‘Empire State’ is the nickname of New York State.
  • In 1945 a twin-engined bomber crashed on the 79th floor of the building, killing fourteen people.
In January 2000, 2 employees made a free fall of forty floors when an elevator cable broke.
  • The lift was only stopped by the security system at the 4th floor.

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