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A Sabbath fan goes “New Age”

by Joseph Terrazas

I’ve enjoyed and followed New Age Music since 1989, I went from listening to Acoustic-Alchemy-SkybarBlack Sabbath 8 track tapes,  turned on the radio, heard Enya and in a split second, My Musical Taste Changed.

I became a new age fanatic,  had heard Acoustic Alchemy on a new age station in Galveston, and have collected some of their CD’s, very peaceful stuff. They were all American. The pioneering sound of two dueling acoustic guitars — Simon James on nylon and Nick Webb on steel — was a fresh touch on the genre, often backed up by a double bass, percussion, and occasionally string quartet The Violettes.  Then I saw an ad to see them at this very unique concert venue – Scott Gertners Skybar.

Located on the top, 10th floor, incredible penthouse location, this upscale nightclub features the best view in the city of Houston. Two outdoor terraces with fountains are the perfect place to be on a balmy evening. 13,000 square feet  and scott-gertners-skybaran occupancy of 700 . Every major jazz artist  performed there, every Fourth of July we could see the fireworks from their great huge windows vantage points.

They  have had everyone from Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Brian McKnight, Steve Harvey, the O’Jays, Chick Corea and Bob James, Richard Elliott. to Shaq and every major basketball player and football player. The stage was located at the corner of the Main Room, they played some of my favorites Oceans Apart and a very popular Mr. Chow, Cool as A. Rule, Red Dust and Spanish Light. What was cool during the show, a heavy thunderstorm was going through Houston, and you could see all the lightning as the band was playing.

And you’re not going to believe this, but the last song was a very peaceful piece and yes The Encore They Broke out into Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”’. After the show I talked to them and complimented them on their music, and told them I really needed that shot of Led Zeppelin. It was a very enjoyable evening. It made for a close up intimate evening of good music.

Thank You. Joseph Terrazas

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