A little bit older and a lot less bolder – Bob Seger

by Mark Work

To tell you the truth, I thought I was getting to the party a little late..  After all, I grew up in th2011-BobSegere Detroit burbs in the late 60’s but was a few years too young to have seen The Bob Seger System when they were playing the local teen clubs  -and to be honest, there was a bit of a lull in Seger’s career after the success of his early hits.  So it was 1974 when my friends and I got the chance to drive out to Devil’s Lake to see Bob at ‘The Pavilion’. We thought it would be fun to hear some of the oldies –especially ‘Ramblin Gamblin Man’ and ‘Heavy Music’..

What we didn’t know was that Bob Seger had just assembled the ‘Silver Bullet Band’ and this back-woods tour was basically rehearsal for the upcoming ‘Beautiful Loser’ album.  This show was way beyond our expectations. Imagine Bob Seger in his prime pouring everything he has into ‘Katmandu’. This was Alto Reed’s first tour with Seger and I’ll never forget how he could play two saxophones at the same time. It was a wild night and when we made our way home we all knew we had witnessed something great.

So, fast-forward 37 years.. My wife scores tickets to the sold out Bob Seger show ($70/each). I’m still on the fence.. after all, how can you top that 1974 roadhouse experience?’  Here’s how; Bob takes the stage with a 14 piece band.  He’s got the Motown Horns plus Alto Reed on sax.  There’s Chris Campbell on bass, Craig Frost on the Hammond B3, Don Brewer on drums (remember Grand Funk Railroad?), there’s Shaun Murphy, Laura Creamer and Barb Payton on vocals, Jim Moose-Brown on piano and Mark Chatfield on lead guitar.  He opens with ‘Roll me away’ and rocks out with the same fire and conviction that we experienced way back in the day.  They played all my favorites, came back for two great encores, and played from such an impressive songbook that it makes you realize what a fantastic talent Bob Seger is.  We all walked out of the arena singing ‘You can come back baby, -rock & roll never forgets’!

Bob Seger

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