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Hope you like this slideshow – we haven’t posted one in a little while…….

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  1. Hey there Stubstory! Thanks for featuring my ticket stub collection! I wish I had kept my very first major ticket stub from a 1979 KISS concert in Buffalo N.Y., or even the Helix poster, signed a delivered by the band themselves, circa 1981…I should have known better, and stashed them away!

    I eventually became the type of guy to save mementos from various shows, and have since shamelessly collected various autographs, setlists, guitar picks, drum sticks, gig posters etc. over the years.

    Each piece in this collection holds a spark of my happiest memories. They transport me back to the simpler times of my life, when rock & roll ruled over all comers, friendship was for life, and a “Smoke ’em if you got em” attitude got you through your days and nights.

    We live in wonderful times; the internet exposes us all to the newest trends, as well as the vast history of our musical culture. We should all try to contribute in some way to the mass of information, and use our own experiences to add colour to the history we have lived.

    Once again, thanks Stubstory, for providing such a worthy forum.

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