A Cool July Day in Texas (yeah right)

by Kent Rogers

It was my first business trip to Texas in the summer and they told me everyone down there dressedBaltimore-Orioles-vs-Ranger “real casual cause of the heat”. Well, bring from up east, I figured that meant no tie, but me and my dumb (can I say ass?) threw on a blue suit, hopped on the plane and headed to the Great State of Texas.

At only 100 degrees that day – it was cool (ish) and I kept telling everyone this was nothing compared to waiting on the 4 train in Union Square – where it’s 120 and you can sample aromas from all corners of the earth at the same time. Texas I can say, while hot, smelled clean.

I had a full afternoon of meetings, which went well enough that my client invited ME to the game, I was hoping to maybe see Nolan Ryan pitch but wasn’t that lucky. The Rangers jumped out to an early lead, they were up by 6 or 7 runs by the time the first couple of cold ones were done and after a couple of scoreless innings we packed up and headed out.

Now one thing outside of the heat that Texas has a well earned reputation for is the (shall we say) exquisite beauty so many of their ladies. And, aided of course by the beer, neon lights and the occasional cages in which an occasional dancer could be found, I left Texas a wiser man.

I’ll never wear a dark colored suit in July again, and I’ll never bring a credit card to a Ranger’s game (for fear or where it’ll go from there!)

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  1. Was That at the minor league park? before they moved to the new stadium? We used to go up every year to see my K.C. Royals, We’d sit right behind the bullpen and made friends with the pitchers,it was a lot of fun going up there, i videotaped The last game with the Rangers As George brett was retiring, The whole texas rangers team were out cheering for brett to get a hit Nolin ryan was out there too. (they got inducted into the hall of fame together, that was a class can see the brett nowlin ryan induction program on my Cooperstown Stub, thanks and take care. Joseph T.

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