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871 Tickets!

by Charly P.

Well when I was a kid (I am a kid though) I went to My Three Sons, they had ALLLLL different games, it was so fun. There’s a big wheel that you pull my-three-sonsand if you get 1-5-0 then you get a big prize. If you get 7-5 then you go one more time.

I also played Froggy Whack-a-mole but it gives you only 2 tickets even if you do Super-Super good it will only give you 2 tickets. And I played Grown-up whack-a-mole and I got 45 of the moles so I got like 15 tickets.

With my tickets I got a baby doll, a push-pop and some other stuff but I can’t remember their names. mythreesonsWait! I also got a crock-thing for your shoes – can I get some crocks please?

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