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$5.00 bucks to be a part of history

by Karen Kritzer

The Clash.  $5.00 bucks to see the Clash.  $5.00 bucks to be a part of history.  There is no price you can put on this show.  You simply had to be here.  the_clash_ticket_stubImagine this:  There was an early 6:00 pm show of an Israeli folk singer that night.  No one remembers that, right?

But after that sparse crowd vacated, and you stepped outside of the Roxy, you witnessed the transformation immediately.  Pandamonium in an orderly kind of way.  Craziness like “I just gotta get in.  I just gotta be able to see ’em!”.  There were about a 1,000 people stilettoed in so tight you couldn’t move.  But you didn’t care.


You were IN.  You could see them.  You could hear them.  You were living LOUD!!  Yes, it’s true.  The crowd did pull the velvet Roxy curtain down.  Yes, the fire marshalls did come.  But no one got hurt.  And we each have our own version of what we heard and saw that night.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

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