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45 Years of Rovin’ The Irish Rovers

The Irish Rovers are a Canadian/Irish folk group formed in 1963 and continuing to perform today. All of the members are originally from Ireland and are best known for their 1967 hit The Unicorn.

The lads put on a rollicking good show filled with classics like Black Velvet Band, Whiskey in the Jar and the Orange and the Green! They’ll have your toes tappin and you’ll be singing along in no time! The music is presented in an entertaining manner and mixed with humorous tales of their adventures over the years! Their 1980 hit “Wasn’t That a Party” was written by Tom Paxton and is based on the legendary after show parties of the group, parties that they admit have toned down considerably over the years!

Other songs you can count on hearing include The Irish Rover, What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor and The Wild Colonial Boy. All in all a very entertaining evening, not to be missed if you enjoy folk music.

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