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2005 PGA – Mickelson gets his 2nd Major

by Jonathan Hemlock

At the time it was still Tiger’s world, and you only got to peek your head in the door. But pretty much from the  pga_golf_2005_ticketget-go the 2005 PGA was Phil’s tournament, and on the day I got to go – he started to “pull away” from the pack. If you know anything about golf – you know can’t win on Friday – you can only lose. So his efforts, while impressive were just a few strokes on this PGA masterpiece.

We spent as much time as possible walking the course and area, didn’t follow anyone noteworthy. What I remember most is how little guys you never heard of can whack the “you-know-what” out of a golf ball, and how accurate they are.

phil_mickelsonI’ve played the game a lot, been to the Master’s and some other majors, but the PGA was special – the last major of the year and the last chance for some of the games biggest players to grab the spotlight (at least in a positive manner). Phil took off the day I was there – and even though he looked back, nobody remembers who came in 2nd. Just that it was a big win on Sunday for an American favorite – then and now.


Title: 2005 PGA – Mickelson gets his 2nd Major

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