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2 Years of Anthrax

I’ve been a fan of Anthrax since i was 17. When i first heard “Bring the noise” with Public Enemy. Over the years i have tried to collect what i can of Anthrax. My favourite cd would be “Attack of the killer B’s”. Because of the humour of some of the songs.

I first got to see them 2003, when John Bush was the vocalist and then in 2005 with Joey Belladonna.

What made the 2005 gig special was that i met some of the band in a bar the night before concert. It was on a Tuesday night, so there wasn’t many people. It was cool to chat to them with pints of Guinness going down.

The following night, I went to the Ambassador, down the end of O’Connell street, Dublin, to see Anthrax. First band on was Flatline from Cork city.

Anthrax came on to play their classic songs from the 80’s like “metal trashing mad”, “Indians” and for their encore “Bring the noise”.

This year, they toured with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer as the BIG FOUR at the sonishpere festivals in eastern europe. Next summer, the BIG FOUR are returning to europe. Hopefully, a concert in Ireland. I would definitely go.

by Kieran M

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