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1994 Stanley Cup Finals – NOW it’s Hockey Season

I don’t care when they drop that first puck, the only thing that happens in a hockey season before December is that the trash sinks to the bottom – but nobody every won a Stanley Cup on the back of the hockey they played in October and November.

No sir, now with Thanksgiving behind us (I assume our Canadian cousins have also done the same) it’s time for the snow, the ice and the real messages to be sent. True,  my stub is from a game in June, when in all fairness Hockey should be wrapped up already, but for me the season really doesn’t start till now. As a Ranger fan, this often meant the beginning of a much harsher and drunker fan, in a colder and emptier Madison Square Garden, but not in 1994, not thanks to Messier and Graves, Richter and Co.

You don’t make guarantees in this town without backing it up – and when Mess promised and Matteau polished off the Devils, the Canuck series looked more like a Wall Street party than a hockey series. Suits with cash too hammered to stand trying to scalp tickets! 20 years ago they’d have been left a block from the Garden as scraps – but not in the already “Disney-fying” New York.

Down stunningly after game one – maybe the hangover from the Dev’s series, the Rangers survived 3 posts (loud and scary) to move the series West tied at 1 – 1.  I’ve got the rest of the finals, maybe my sports stub highlights of all time, which I’ll gladly contribute over the course of the season.

Go Rangers – the 1994 team had the Captain – maybe this crew can get there with the King

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