1986 MLB All-Star Game

by Joseph Terrazas

My hometown team, The Kansas City Royals won the World Series in “85” so the winning and 1986-MLB-Allstar-Gamelosing managers of the previous World Series manage the teams. This was Dick Howser’s last game to manage as he was coming down with brain cancer. You could tell cause in news conferences he was saying he was going to play a third baseman in right field,  a lot of improbable things, but I  got 2 tickets in a Houston drawing – 1 application per household. I sent 1 from my home address, 1 from my babysitter’s address, and 1 from my P.O. Box. So for the denials they sent me tickets to the pregame Home Run Derby.

I’m glad I videotaped the game at home as our seats were 4 seats from the very last highest seats at the dome, and the right field foul pole was right in our way. So after the game I went home and re-watched it. My boys from K.C. won it.  Frank White hit a 2 run shot off Mike Scott who was mowing them down, I saw Fernando Valenzuela, Strawberry, Gooden, Canseco, Brett, Winfield, (it was incredible).

A once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you, Sincerely Joseph Terrazas


Title: 1986 MLB All-Star Game

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