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1975 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

by Eric C.

As a 13-year-old boy, I was fortunate to attend the 1975 All-Star Game. That was one of the highlights of my life. I remember seeing an order form in the Milwaukee Journal for tickets to the game. My dad let me fill it out, I sent it in with a check. Sure enough, we got the tickets.

Here are some of my memories of the game itself:

  • I can still remember Pete Rose hitting the ball right up the middle, over second base, to start the game. He was later thrown out at third base.
  • During the player introductions, the ovation for Hank Aaron seemed to last forever. But I felt that it was well deserved. This was his first year back in Milwaukee after leaving with the Braves ten years prior. My dad took pictures of ‘The Hammer’ as he stood along the first base line with the other AL stars. This was the only time that I ever got to see Hank play in person.
  • I remember Aaron’s bat breaking, in his lone at bat, as shortstop Dave Concepcion retired him.
  • I was in the bathroom when Steve Garvey and Jim Wynn hit back-to-back home runs. I can remember hearing all of the cheering, though. When I got back to my seat, my dad told me what had happened.
  • Being a Cub fan, it thrilled me to see the lone Cub representative, Bill Madlock, knock the clutch single for the NL.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend this game, for it was at a time when the game was still played for fun. Unlike many of today’s players, the players from that era were honored to be there.


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