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“Doc”tober – Halladay History

In 1992, my boss took me to The Spectrum in Philadelphia to see the NCAA  Men’s Division I East Regional final. With 2.1 seconds remaining in OT, Grant Hill threw a pass the length of the court to Christian Laettner, who dribbled once, turned, and hit a jumper as time expired to seal Duke’s 104-103 win over Kentucky. My wife, a rabid sports fan, was watching the game on TV and was livid that I, who knew little about college basketball, was at the game instead of her.

On Wednesday, “Doc”tober 6, 2010, I witnessed another historical sporting event: Roy Halladay’s NLDS Game 1 no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds in his post-season debut. Again, my wife watched the game on TV, and even had to miss the final three innings, because my daughter wanted to attend a college presentation. During the last few innings the atmosphere in Citizen’s Bank Park was electric; the crowd noise was deafening; the rally towels were spinning like tops.

My wife says I now owe her big time, twice.

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  1. As a Met fan, even I have to say it was amazing. And it’s why I’m so pissed that all those pitchers were moving around and we still have Ollie P on the payroll

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