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No Hoops – but we can remember….

Aug 05, 2011 No Comments by

by MJP It turns out the NFL lockout was the “easy” one. What with both sides making zillions, the only real fear was that they’d turn off the fans. But in the end – we are so crazy for our footbal (J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, JETS!) that so long as we don’t miss actual gametime – […]

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Tickets to see the Nets – NOT PRICELESS

Feb 09, 2011 No Comments by

How much I spent to see 3 quarters of a piece of #$%^!!@  game. 1) Tolls – Henry Hudson Bridge 2.75 each way (5.50) George Washington Bridge (8.00) NJ Turnpike 1.25 each way (2.50) TOTAL $16.00 2) Parking TOTAL 15.00 3) Food – Beer and turkey sandwich 20.00 – Large soda and Cracker Jacks 7.00  […]

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