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I was a Frank Zappa fan in college and never got the chance to hear him play live. When I heard Zappa 150x150 Sheik Yerboutythat Dweezil Zappa, his son, was on tour with a band re-creating Frank’s music, I was pretty excited to go. I was one of the very few women at the December 19, 2010 show, surprise!

The first thing I learned is that I don’t know much about Frank Zappa beyond Joe’s Garage, There were quite a few unfamiliar songs from other albums including Hot Rats that I will now need to check out.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, Dweezil Zappa doesn’t put on nearly the show that his father used to. While in videos Frank always appeared removed from the audience, funny as hell and snide, Dweezil’s demeanor resembles someone more like David Matthews meets a golden retriever. He’s happy that you came to see his band and comes off as quite pleased with himself. It takes two musicians to perform Frank’s songs, Dweezil on guitar and an additional vocalist, Ben Thomas, to achieve a sound that’s just not anywhere close to Frank’s, in my opinion. When they show images of Frank playing on a screen behind the band it underscores the difference, unfortunately, in my opinion, this is just another cover band, and not a great one.

There was a great performance by Scheila Gonzalez on saxophone, flute, keyboards & vocals. She really rocks out.

For some reason, this show got amazing reviews, 5 stars on Ticket Master. Next time I’d rather have a listening party to an old Frank Zappa album then see Dweezil perform. I left mid-show.

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3 Responses to “Sheik Yerbouty”

  1. Mark Work says:

    Haven’t had the opportunity to catch the Zappa-does-Zappa, but did get to see Frank and the Mothers in 1971 and a couple more times in the 70’s. I have a prized autograph from FZ when I met him at a club in Ann Arbor Mi in 1978. He was very approachable and easy going. I’m happy to see his son keeping his music alive since it was so far ahead of it’s time! -Thanks for the post.. brings back many great memories!!

  2. Jessica B says:

    Glad you liked it and I am so jealous you saw Frank and the Mothers! I was one that year and had an early curfew. 🙂

  3. Ledsledben says:

    Just another cover band…… that can pull off Zappa songs. Any band that can do that…. even with “two people achieving Franks sound” is more than just another cover band.

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