O-La-Mi at the Beardsley Zoo!

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by Charly P.

When we got on the bus the ride was so long to get there it felt like it was 2000 beardsley zoo bracelet 300x58 O La Mi at the Beardsley Zoo!years, but finally we got there. For real I said “Hallelujah” I really did when we got there.

We had lunch right away but unfortunately I couldn’t eat my yogurt because it was Strawberry and Banana (I’m allergic to Strawberries) so I just had muffins (chocolate chip) and then we went to see the animals.

There were 8 day old pigs, and there were these little monkeys that were SOOOOO cute and there was a carousel and a show but I couldn’t ride on the carousel and then we didn’t find the show so we looked at more animals.

babytiger O La Mi at the Beardsley Zoo!There was a  green house there!

My favorite thing at the zoo was the baby tiger. It was teeny and cute and I saw its tail wag in the air. And then it walked over near me!

It was a brave little guy.

My counselor’s names are China and Noah and Jamie and Sydney.

Oh, and there was a water spraying statue there, it’s not a real elephant – just a statue. I got my hat all wet, put it on me and it felt GOOD.

The end.

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  1. Julie says:

    Sounds like you had a great day Charly! 🙂

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