Jethro Tull-2000’s Music Still holds up

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It was a much smaller venue then at their 25Th Anniversary show 7 years Jethro Tull Ticket Stub 150x150 Jethro Tull 2000s Music Still holds upbefore (about 12,000 people less), but I’ve always been a big Tull fan and at least I could hear his stories on what influenced certain songs. And is was nice the see that Jethro Tull-2000’s Music Still holds up.Ian Anderson formed Jethro Tull in 1968. It was around 1967 that Anderson purchased a flute after becoming frustrated with his inability to play guitar like Eric Clapton.

They went on to become one of the most successful and enduring acts in British rock history, with landmark albums such as Aqualung, Thick As A Brick and Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll, Too Young To Die. During the early 1970’s, Jethro Tull  went from a progressive blues band to one of the largest concert draws in the world. In concert, the band were known for theatricality and long medleys with brief instrumental interludes. While early Jethro Tull shows featured a very animated Anderson with bushy hair and beard dressed in tattered overcoats and ragged clothes, as the band became bigger he moved towards varied costumes.

Jethro Tull have has some 60 million albums worldwide and performed over 2,500 concerts in 40 countries. And in The Early 1970’s were neck to neck with Led Zeppelin, in popularity and album sales. Originally playing blues rock with an experimental flavor, they have also incorporated elements of Classical Music, Folk Music and Jazz.  Much of this two hour show they played from Tull’s 1st and earliest albums. “This Was”, “Stand Up” and “Benefit”. He still had an original “Tullian” – Martin Barre, who had been with the  band since the beginning.

The whole show the music was great Barre’s loud wicked guitar licks, (He even accompanied Anderson on a couple of songs with double flute lines) and Anderson theatrics and grunting into the Flute. like the old days. Anderson seemed to be losing his voice at the latter part of the show, possibly running out of breath from to much Theatrical posing. They closed the show with a great “Locomotive Breath” and the encore was appropriate “Living in the Past”. It was a lot of fun seeing them as their music really brings back a lot of memories from my hippy days hitchhiking cross lonely country – from Kansas City to Tucson, Arizona and Denver.

Aqualung Conver Jethro Tull 2000s Music Still holds up
Thank You. Joseph Terrazas.

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