Giants drop one to the Seahawks

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by Donald Mallard

This was the my second time in the new GIANT stadium, not Met Life. Giants Seahawks Ticket 150x150 Giants drop one to the Seahawks

It was the hottest day that I every when to a football game sunny and 82 degree and we were sitting in the sun for the whole game. I have now sat in the cheap seats upstairs and the higher price seats on the 1st level on the 20 yard line. My opinion of the new stadium is not great, there’s nothing special about the place, it’s still just a big concert structure with metal fins attached to the outside fascia. But to give it’s due the seats have a great view.

Now on to the game – not much to talk about if you’re a Giant fan. How could they lose to Seahawks? The Giants could have taken control of the NFC East but no, they lose 36 to 25. With two lost fumbles and three interceptions they lost the game. The only positive was Victor Cruz and Osi Umenyiora. Ok, Eli Manning did get them into a chance to win the game with less than a minute to go but a tipped pass and then one of the three interceptions that was run back for a touchdown by the Seahawks.
Giants Program Giants drop one to the Seahawks
Closing thought the Giants should be 4-1 but could be 3-3 after they meet the Bills this weekend.

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