B-52’s and Nipsey Russell?

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by Kelly R.

I saw your Stubstory a couple of days ago about the B52 show at Alive@Five in alivephoto 150x150 B 52s and Nipsey Russell?Stamford, I was there too and figured I’d write my first Stubstory about how much fun my and my friends has there too. Since Cortnie R used her bracelet, I sent in actual my stub – even though you only needed it if you went out and came back in I guess.

While the B-52’s were a ton of fun – I think you have to give a little credit to the first 2 bands – I caught the tailend of the Mungers, and then I guess MiniBoone. Washing the bands down with cold beers and a little food worked out great – and by the time the headliners got to the stage, the crowd was ready to go.

nipsey russell B 52s and Nipsey Russell?

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I think my favorite song was Roam – you know “Roam if you want to….”  – which I’ve always liked since I have a friend who always used to sing Roll Nispey Russell (if you don’t remember Match Game the TV show) just stop reading now -it’s ok.

Yes they played Love Shack and Rock Lobster – but it’ll always be Nipsey Russell for me.

I was at all the Alive@Five shows and wish I had known about Stusbtory – you’d have more from me. If it wasn’t for this girl handing out flyers for your website I might have missed the whole concept (which I love by the way).

More to come soon.

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